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1 Metadiscourse Use in Thesis Abstracts: A Case of M.Ed. English Majors … Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey

Metadiscourse Use in Thesis Abstracts – A Case of M.Ed. English Majors … Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey

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2 The Impact of Capitalist Psychology of Mid Victorian Era in Charles Dickens’ Novel Great Expectations … Dr. Muna Shrestha

The impact of Capitalist Psychology of mid Victorian era … Dr. Muna Shrestha

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3 Relationship between Gender and Brand Loyalty: A Study with Special Reference to Soap, Noodles and Hair Oil in Nepal … Raju Bhai Manandhar

Gender and Brand Loyalty … Raju Manandhar

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4 Success Models of Information Technology Outsourcing … Sushil Paudel & Prof. Dr. H.S Sharma

Success Model of IT outsourcing … Sushil Paudel

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5 Can Meditation Control the Suicidal Thought? – A Spiritual Insight … Dr. Tej Bahadur Karki & Kalpana Khadka

Can meditation control the suicidal thought … Dr. Tej

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6 Demographic characteristics and Prevalence of Diseases: A case study of Chapagaun, Godavari Municipality, Lalitpur … Phr. Raj Kumar Thapa et al.

Prevalence of types of diseases … Raj Kumar Thapa

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7 Perception of Students about Homework in Mathematics … Balaram Bhatta

Mathematics Homework Perception … Balaram Bhatta

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8 Perception of Teachers towards School Principal as Instructional Leader … Hikmat Dahal

Instructional Leader … Hikmat Dahal.docx

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9 The Impact of Social Media on Navodit College Students … Anup Adhikari

Impact of Social Media … Anup Adhikari

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