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1 The Impact of Social Factors in Promoting Education to Dalit School Children

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2 Effectiveness of Internet Banking System and Clients Satisfaction: Evidence from Surkhet, Nepal

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3 Knowledge of Menstrual Hygiene among the Girl Students of Secondary Level School of Kathmandu Valley

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4 Gender Perspective on Compensation of Health Institution in Ramechhap District of Nepal

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5 Socio-Demographic Backgrounds of the Street Children in Kathmandu Valley

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6 Contribution of Livestock Farming in Economic Development: A Case Study of Kavre District, Nepal

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7 Gender Perspective on Preference and Belief of Different Ethnomedical Health Care Practicesin Eastern Nepal

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8 Human Resource Planning, Selection and Training Practices of Nepalese Pharmaceutical Companies of Nepal

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9 Food Choice Motives of Guardians of Trilok Academy Kathmandu with reference to Gender

Motives for food choice with reference to gender – final

10 Service Efficiency of Nepalese Airlines: A Case Study of Customer Perceived Gap Analyses of Yeti Airlines